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A fun-filled, skills-focused packet to drive collaboration, accelerate lead flows and deal pipelines and boost performance of marketing and sales teams


Who uses the WFH Kickstarter Packet for Sales & Marketing Teams? 
Basically any team manager or business leader whose responsibility includes revenue acceleration with a role in managing business development, marketing and/or sales. 

  • Marketing Leaders to increase impact of marketing campaigns and programs by creating relevant buyer personas, attracting target prospects, improving lead conversion rates and driving better marketing ROI
  • Sales Leaders to boost sales performance by visualizing target prospects, identifying new, high-value opportunities, improving marketing and sales cadences and accelerating close ratios
  • Corporate Training and Coaching to quickly onboard new employees or coach team members, understand buyer personas and lead conversion workflows, and ramp up skill sets and knowledge transfer


How can I use it?

Revenue creation, generation and retention are THE critical metrics for your company – it basically “keeps the lights on”. What and how you communicate your company’s value proposition, where are your target markets, who are your highest-value customers, how you differentiate from competitors, where you can find unique competitive advantage. Through three decades of business transformation, disruption and innovation, our Playbook Toolkit team has been at the forefront of driving innovation in marketing and sales…bringing amazing products to market and leading revenue-focused initiatives.  


And as all business leaders know…managing high-performing marketing and sales teams is a challenge at any time. But it’s even more difficult when employees are working from home offices and need to quickly integrate and collaborate with team members across your company…as well as reach out to new contacts, nurture high-value prospects, close deals and manage important customer relationships. 


To help solve these challenges, our team imagined a small, practical toolkit that people can use from their home office. Something to help employees quickly visualize processes, capture and nurture potential customers and comprehend key business drivers so they can anticipate issues, seize opportunities and accelerate marketing and sales pipelines. 


The WFH Kickstarter Packet For Marketing & Sales Teams includes Persona Cards (B2B or B2C), 30 Day Challenge Cards, Hot Potato Game for Scenario Planning and Process Map with Marketing, Sales or Customer Journey Flashcards. 


What outcomes can I expect? 
By working with best practices, creating meaningful buyer personas and visualizing customer-centric marketing and sales processes, your team members can improve outcomes of marketing campaigns, anticipate and overcome roadblocks, and boost sales pipeline performance – leading to better conversion rates and higher close ratios.


How does it benefit me? 
Each item in the packet helps your employees visualize how their customers’ decision journeys align with your own marketing and sales processes- enabling you to position your product, service or solution as the best option for your target customers. And most importantly – by aligning resources and closing the information gaps between marketing, sales and product teams, you can boost performance and drive long-term, profitable business.

WFH Kickstarter Packet for Marketing & Sales Teams

€ 120,00Price
  • Persona Cards (B2B or B2C), 30 Day Challenge Cards, Hot Potato Game and Process Map with Marketing, Sales or Customer Journey Flashcards. 

  • You can choose either B2B or B2C Persona Cards and Marketing, Sales or Customer Journey Flashcards for the Process Map. Contact us if you are interested in customizing your Kickstarter Packet for Marketing and Sales Teams.  

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