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Who uses the Validation Playbook? 

  • Innovation Leaders to understand the different validation methods

  • Innovation Teams to use the different validation methods to test the business ideas

  • Test Managers to follow a proven process for validation


How can I use it?

The playbook can be used during the innovation process, starting with discovery to the very end of willingness to pay.


What outcomes can I expect? 

Better innovation! As you are able to validate what you imagined, your end product or service will improve and better sustain market pressure.


How does it benefit me? 

It benefits you because it will act as a certified validation coach, assisting you along the way.

Validation Playbook

€ 35,00Price
  • Validation Playbook is a useful book which can be used as a notebook and as a guidebook how to do innovation. With a joke here and there to spur your creative thoughts.

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