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Playbook Toolkit is an agile way of working, with self-learning toolkits, playbooks, templates and games to accelerate user adoption. And when you need it: we also provide the expertise, skills and guidance to help you bring your workshops, training programs and events to life.

Our Playbook Toolkit team designed our business games, toolkits, playbooks and templates with a mission to give you and your team everything you need to build winning strategies, facilitate ideation and accelerate revenue generation ON YOUR OWN. So you can learn and train fast, quickly upskill your team and incorporate your Playbook Toolkit business accelerators into your strategies, campaigns, culture and daily tasks. 


But for some situations, you might want an external expert to give an extra boost or kick start for a business-critical program or strategic initiative. Perhaps subject matter expertise for scenario planning. Or external skills or an experienced pair of eyes before launching a campaign, event or loyalty program. Or fresh insights into a key market, new product or customer segment. If any of the above scenarios resonate, we are here to facilitate, guide and advise you along your journey. 

Contact us to see how we can bring new ideas, boost participant engagement and add a whole new plateau of fun to your conferences, user forums or corporate events.


Preparing and facilitating workshops, guiding strategy sessions and providing hands-on support for critical business initiatives are part of our Playbook Toolkit DNA – this is where we started and what we love to do. And we are good at it – our team has been helping organizations bring new products to market, develop winning customer strategies, support strategic transformation and facilitate innovation and cultural change for decades. Read about how we enabled innovation at Airbus. Contact us to explore how we can incorporate our agile way of working within your organization.  


Interested in a training class for your department or team? Or in a train-the-trainer session for your training professionals or corporate coaches? We provide both virtual and classroom training in the fields of Innovation, Strategy and Culture Transformation, Marketing, Sales and Customer Engagement.

Events & Conferences

Pimp your events and conferences with lively, engaging keynote presentations, add subject matter expertise (industry, business - specific) to breakout groups and business sessions, and bring fun and engagement to your event or conference. Our team participates in company events, industry congresses and global conferences around the world - in 6 continents, 57 countries, many languages.

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