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How well do you know your colleagues?


Who uses Feedback Game? 
Feedback Game is suitable for any team that wants to speed up the different stages of team building. The activities in the set are fun, but with a serious objective: getting your team to performance by getting to know each other.


How can I use Feedback Game? 
With the manual in hand, Feedback Game can be started within 2 minutes. It is intentionally super simple to be able to focus on the core of the matter: fun and feedback. Participants have to rank the other participants and themselves based on a central -little bit crazy- question from a deck of question cards. The outcome will be shared, guaranteed with loads of laughs.


What outcomes can I expect?
Feedback Game will introduce a different aspect of team building: feedback in a fun and energising way. You can expect your team to get closer together more quickly. It is also a good way to get the important process of feedback together.


How does it benefit me? 
Feedback Game makes team building easier. We have 150 different questions for you, so you can just pick one. In the end, your benefits are in a team that performs better and has fun doing so.

Feedback Game

€ 25,00Price
  • Feedback Game is a card game offering fun activities for team building by giving hilarious feedback to each other. Who knows the team the best? Hilarious questions and even more hilarious answers.

  • 150 cards, score cards, manual, token.

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