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What are your (team) virtues? 


Who uses Trust Actor Playground? 
Trust Actor Playground is suitable for any team that wants to go deeper in the field of virtues and connectedness with the project you are working on.


How can I use Trust Actor Playground? 
With the manual in hand, Trust Actor Playground can be started within 5 minutes. Virtues are typically vague and difficult. With a persona in your hand it becomes a natural phenomenon to work with. 


What outcomes can I expect?
Trust Actor Playground will introduce a different aspect of team building: virtue management. We all live by our virtues, but we hardly make them explicit. This game is different: it actively enhances you to listen to yourself and to others in your team on the highest level of yourself: your virtue


How does it benefit me? 
Trust Actor Playground makes team building easier. It has deep waters, but you start directly from scatch. The discussion will make it a very fruitful tool to contemplate on how you are together as a team.

Trust Actor Playground

€ 50,00Price
  • Trust Actor Playground is a game to discuss your virtues, compare those to other participants and relate to the project you are working on. What needs to change and to keep? Prepare for some deep insights and life-changing action steps.

  • Game board, puppets, token.

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