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This is the Deluxe edition in a beautiful black magnetic box.


ABOUT THE CX CARD SET Organizations increasingly are focusing with laser-like precision on delivering outstanding customer experiences. Companies begin with creating a customer strategy, listening to the voice of their customers, and using customer feedback to improve customer journeys. This is all great, but unfortunately it is not enough to achieve true customer centricity. To create outstanding experiences, the commitment of your employees is key. At the end, employees are the ones that need to deliver the tactical actions of your customer strategy which leads to these improved journeys. Employee engagement is key to driving a customer centric culture. We have created the Customer Experience Card Set to accelerate and support your customer experience transformation.


WHO CAN USE THIS CARD SET? This card set is created for all organizations that want to improve their Customer Experience mindset. Our approach invites you to involve a wide audience of people: not only those who are directly involved in customer-facing or product-related roles, but also administrative teams, partners, suppliers, and others involved in the customer value chain. The card set aims to achieve a new mind set across your company. To make it easy to get started and scale across diverse teams, we designed the cards to be used by people in different settings and with various skill sets - experienced CX professionals, employees new to a CX role, or simply people who have a passion to improve how customers interact with your organization. The cards can be used by individuals to support their daily activities, within teams to facilitate collective actions and best practices, and in cross-departmental groups and executive meetings to align CX strategies. The set empowers you to become a front runner in Customer Experience. By using the card set, you just may attract an enthusiastic following of like-minded colleagues who are inspired by your progress – and leading to the creation of a true movement!


WHEN TO USE THIS CARD SET? The Customer Experience Card Set provides an easy-to follow program, complete with inspiration, exercises, and assignments. The activities on many of the cards can be completed in 15-20 minutes. These cards are ideal to use as a recurring item on the agenda of your weekly team meeting or standup. Some cards will require more preparation and time: these are specially designed for longer team meetings (for example, a monthly meeting). When using the cards to facilitate a customer-centric mindset and embed Customer Experience in your organization’s DNA, make sure you keep CX top-of-mind with all of your interactions! CX should ideally be a theme that recurs at frequent intervals and is addressed as an ongoing topic on meeting agendas at all levels of the organization: both with front-line, customer-facing roles and at executive levels. As you continue to develop and advance your CX strategy, you will discover how naturally CX-driven behavior evolves over time and positively impacts diverse areas of your organization. And best of all, we guarantee that you will be pleased not only by expected CX improvements but also delightfully surprised by unanticipated outcomes!


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  • A6 format, 54 cards

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