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The Playbook Toolkit includes business games, playbooks and tips to help you facilitate team collaboration, surface new ideas and convert smart strategies into concrete actions.

We provide you with hands-on tools, proven techniques and easy to follow, practical steps to help launch strategic initiatives, to implement high-value programs, to align teams towards a standard set of ideas, values or processes, or to drive change with your day-to-day business.



Jaspar Roos

Chief Playbook

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Jennifer van Lent

Chief Sales & Marketing

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Konstantin 3.png

Konstantin Heckmann

Chief Business Innovation

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Michiel Ykema


Martijn Timmermans

Chief Design & Creative

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Limpid & Co

We partner with you to future-proof your company

Limpid & co. A new consultancy for clients who want to make a difference. What’s in the name? Transparent, fluid, clear and simple. A team of kindred spirits and at the same time very diverse in their backgrounds, expertise and personalities. We combine years of standing in your shoes as leader and CEO, academic research and hands-on innovation & transformation expertise. A collective heritage of years of experience in business(es) and science and great passion for the future.


Digital Doorway

Create customer journeys which result in better leads, new business and delighted customers 

Our Digital Doorway team believes the key to getting better leads and new customers is the right strategy, processes and content, not just technology. Our team has years of industry expertise and proven success in helping our customers to accelerate their marketing and sales strategies with proven playbooks, to execute high-impact campaigns, and to harness the power of smart automation. Digital Doorway is a HubSpot partner, delivering Marketing and Sales automation software and services.


Innovation Stickers

Boost your brand visibility and recognition with innovation stickers 

What’s the deal with Innovation Stickers? Stickers are a high-value, low cost way to convey a message in a business context. Our customers are amazed at how liberating and easy it is to use stickers to creatively and positively share their brand identity. So that’s why we have, a website dedicated to all innovators, those who strive for progress, the ones who want to move the innovation needle.



Why did we create the Playbook Toolkit portfolio?

Our mission with the Playbook Toolkit is simple: leverage the power of gamification techniques (and tons of hands-on industry experience) so you can generate better ROI from programs, workshops, meetings, classes and meet-ups by using tools and playbooks to help facilitate meaningful engagement, accelerate productivity and surface high-impact ideas.

Over the years, our Playbook Toolkit team has facilitated and run thousands of training classes, workshops, onboarding programs, team meetings and conference break-out sessions. And one thing stands out: many participants come away with great ideas and solid plans but when they are back in the office, they struggle to implement and adopt the methodology and best practices they learned. 

Why does this happen? What we heard again and again follows the same theme: 

“It’s fun and inspiring to participate in a training class or workshop, but it’s hard to share what we have learned with people who haven’t taken the same class or program.” 

“We spend too much time in our business systems and workplace apps, but not enough face-to-face interaction and personal engagement.”

“We would love to have hands-on tools and other tangibles we can use when we are back in the office to help us implement strategies and ideas from workshops and training classes.”

This is how the business games were born and our how Playbook Toolkit came to life. We collected and curated all of our materials, instructions, folders and tools – transforming Post-it notes, index cards, charts, counters, diagrams and dice into board games, flashcards, maps, guidebooks and posters. 

We designed each game, card deck, poster and toolkit around three simple principles: make it fun, make it easy to understand and share, and make it useful and sticky so people want to use them. 

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