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We align with your processes, platforms and technology….with a twist!


Our Approach

Our goal is to facilitate human-to-human engagement and accelerate collaboration - at corporate HQ, in remote / branch offices or WFH environments - by bringing people together with hands-on activities, games, playbooks and visuals which are purpose-built to kick-start engagement, spark creativity and drive winning outcomes.


What is a Playbook?

A playbook is a collection of curated activities, readings, games, flashcards and energizers designed around a specific theme. Be it innovation, stakeholder management, revenue acceleration, transformation or circularity. The curated content is assembled in such a way to make it fun to read and engaging. Playbooks are available in both digital e-book and hardcover / softcover booklet format.


Why Use Playbooks?

The greatest roadblock when implementing a new program, technology or process is its failure to learn, adopt, and scale. And organizations struggle with inertia and fatigue when they can’t tap into their top talent and encourage employees to collaborate and share their best ideas. Playbooks boost learning and accelerate adoption by adding a new perspective: sparking inspiration, encouraging collaboration and adding a secret ingredient - fun - so people love to use them. 

In working with business and industry leaders, we frequently hear the following: 

"We often bring in consultants to help us launch programs but we would like to become more self-sufficient." 

"Our employee onboarding program for new team members is uninspiring."

"We are stuck in the same way of thinking – we need different ideas from different people."

"Our meetings are not as productive as they could be – we are fighting the same battles over and over again without real progress to solve critical issues." 

"We want to build and grow in a sustainable way which benefits our employees, our customers and our communities."

"Within 2-3 weeks after a training class, our employees seem to forget 70% of the information presented by the trainers."

We want to standardize and personalize how we do business – to make sure we are all using the same playbook, terms and tools while facilitating flexibility, innovation and human-to-human engagement. 

We help our customers kick-start processes and programs anywhere in their organization– delivering best-practice playbooks and tools, driving user adoption across teams and enabling self-learning at scale.  


Who Uses the Playbook Toolkit?

Thousands of professionals from B2B, B2C, academia, non-profit and public sector organizations use our innovative toolkits, playbooks and games to teach, train, excite, and inspire their teams.

Our customers span industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, IT, software, engineering, banking, insurance, FINTECH, education, energy and business services. Below are logos of our valued customers and partners from around the globe.

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