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  • What Is the Playbook Toolkit?
    The Playbook Toolkit is a collection of business games, playbooks and tools created using principles of design thinking, gamification and best industry practices to help professionals trigger new ways of thinking, improve collaboration, surface hidden ideas, and get better results from people and programs.
  • Are these digital or physical items?
    Sometimes the toolbox, game or template is digital, sometimes in a box and often in a hybrid format. All of our physical business games, flashcards and tools have digital templates and support tools.
  • How Do I Use the Toolkits, Games & Templates?"
    It’s super easy to get started and scale your toolkits across your organization - each game, template or tool in the collection literally comes out of the box, together with a guidebook or set of instructions. And we provide support videos, blogs and other resources for each tool. Our team is always available to help with general questions about the toolkits or with one-on-one guidance about your specific processes, goals or use cases.
  • How Do I Choose a Toolkit?
    It depends upon your purpose, needs and goals – both for you and your team. Some toolkits and games are multi-purpose – like Team Party, Persona Tools and Storyboards. Others are purpose-fit for a specific need or goal – like the 30 Day Challenge Cards for Marketing or Sales, or the Stakeholder Toolkit.
  • Which teams or departments typically use the Toolkits?
    All of the games and tools can be used across different departments, teams and functions – from innovation and product management, to marketing and sales, to IT and digital transformation to senior management and board. You can also use many of the games and toolkits individually – either for your own work (to kickstart an ideation project or create buyer personas) or as a best-practice guide or template (e.g. transformation intervention canvas).
  • Can I Use the Games, Tools & Templates in a WFH / Virtual Office Environment?"
    Of course! All of our playbooks, toolkits, and games can be used individually or with teams, both in a hands-on, F2F classroom workshop or training setting as well as in remote, WFH environments. We have included examples on our website about how to use each tool in a WFH environment but we are always happy to jump on a call with you to discuss a specific situation or business need.
  • Is this it? Are there any more games?
    We are constantly creating new products that will fill in the blanks of your possible needs and wants. Expect from us a monthly release update with new playbooks, toolkits and games to come.
  • Are these games all yours?
    Well, the first batch is anyway. We are crafted game masters ourselves, so do the full process: from initiation to design and production. It takes some time, but it is worth the effort. We stand for what we build. In the future we hope to welcome some games from experts around the world that we have been working with or is so good as a tool that we don’t need to create one of our own in that specific type of field.
  • Why are the topics so eclectic?
    There are three simple reasons for this. First, we have broad interests and believe that learning from different industries is very important. Second reason is that we have different backgrounds, so that makes us aware of different user needs from different industries. Third reason, and most profound one, is that we cooperate all the time with each other and with specialists. In this crazy cosmos of knowledge transfer and inspiration, we are able to make the most beautiful synthesis from all different parts.
  • We like Playbook Toolkit! Can we partner with you?
    Yes! Our global partner community is growing every day, and we would be delighted to discuss your business strategy, explore synergies between your company and Playbook Toolkit and collaborate together with your team to explore new markets or co-create new, innovative products and solutions. Interested in discussing a partnership between your company and ours? Feel free to reach out to us by filling out a form on our Contact Us page or send an email to
  • Can I Customize my Toolkits and Games?
    Yes – many of the games and playbooks were first created as customized toolkits for specific customers. Just give us a call and we can discuss together your specific requirements or project. Our team has worked with many organizations across multiple vertical segments, including: Finance, Banking, Insurance, FINTECH Technology, IT, Telecoms Manufacturing & Logistics Energy, Oil & Gas Retail, Hospitality & Travel Health Care & Pharma Service Sectors – ex. Engineering, Consultancy Public Sector & Non-Profit
  • Do You Provide Custom Training, Onboarding or Workshops?"
    Yes! We would love to get to know you and your team in a more personal setting, and we are available for both onsite and remote training or workshops. And if you need longer-term support, knowledge or resources, let’s get together to explore what best fits your business needs.
  • Can We Order Games in Different Languages?
    Although English is our default language for the Playbook Toolkit collection, we can translate or adapt our games, toolkits, templates and playbooks to suit your language needs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. To date, our bespoke playbooks, toolkits and games have been used across the globe in Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.
  • How Do I Order?
    Just follow the instructions in the shopping cart. You can pay via Credit Card, PayPal or via International Bank Transfer. For Credit Card and PayPal, we will ship upon payment; for International Bank Transfer, we will ship upon receipt of the transfer.
  • Can I pay via an invoice?
    Yes, for orders over €200, we can send an invoice for your approval and ship when payment is received by International Bank Transfer.
  • What are Average Shipping Times?
    Shipping times will vary depending upon region: within the EU, the shipping time is typically 5 business days or less, outside of the EU will vary depending upon country or region. Please note: due to the logistics disruptions caused by Covid-19, you may experience some shipping delays.
  • What about Digital Toolkits?
    You will receive all digital tools within 2 business days from confirmation of payment.
  • Do You Have a Self-Print Option for large volumes or to bypass shipping issues?
    Just give us a call, and we are happy to work with you to determine the fastest, easiest way to get our Toolkits into the hands of you and your teams!
  • You are not satisfied with the quality or product?
    That’s too bad. We don’t want unhappy customers, so let’s set up a call to identify what you want or need. In case nothing fits, we follow EU regulations for refunds.
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