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Get inspiration flowing with this how to start innovation toolkit.


Who uses the Tooklit? 

  • Innovation Leaders to accelerate creative thinking, to drive adoption of innovation initiatives, and to provide a structured, easy-to-follow approach to the how of innovation
  • Innovation Teams to follow a proven process for innovation


How and where can I use it?
The toolkit can be used throughout the whole innovation funnel, once you have an idea. It can be used as a guide for the whole innovation group inside the company, as it offers a coherent overview of exercises for better innovation.


What outcomes can I expect? 
A more structured approach to innovation. If you do this as a team, you have a full process in place as well including relevant energizers and exercises to use with this as well.


How does it benefit me? 
It benefits you because of the structure and the solidness of the innovation process. It benefits as well thanks to the richness of the amount of exercises to do in this process. With a proven way of working this toolkit proves to be the only source you need in innovation.

Innovation Toolkit

€ 120,00Price
  • Innovation Toolkit is a extremely packed toolbox which can be used as a guidebook about how to do innovation. With a creative exercise here and there to spur your creative thoughts. 

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