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How well do you know your colleagues?


Who uses Pitch Game? 
Pitch Game is suitable for any team that wants to improve their pitch qualities. It can also be used by individuals as a toolkit for better presenting. 


How can I use Pitch Game? 
With the manual in hand, Pitch Game can be started within 1 minute. The card set guides you through the process of the game. In three rounds you learn how to improve your techniques for pitching. The game can be used to improve a personal, sales or investment pitch.


What outcomes can I expect?
Pitch Game will generate lots of laughter and exciting moments. Learning to pitch is fun and emotive. Next, you will get direct benefits of learning about different pitch styles you might have. You can use the game as well to guide you through your own pitch in three rounds.


How does it benefit me? 
Pitch Game combines both fun and business. Being able to communicate crisply and clear what needs to be done and what you want from someone means direct benefit on the bottom line.

Pitch Game

€ 55,00Price
  • Pitch Game is a game offering a fun method to help learn how to create winning pitches for your product, service or solution.

  • Card sets, tokens, prize money

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