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Your complete toolkit to create, adapt and share high-impact Buyer Personas for B2C marketing and sales strategies. Gain valuable insights, visualize your ideal customers.  


Who uses the B2C Persona Toolkit? 
Business professionals in marketing, sales and customer support roles or anyone with responsibility in product development and innovation who must understand their customers’ pains and gains, influencers, behaviors and buying processes. 

  • Marketing Leaders use Buyer Personas (aka Ideal Customer Profiles) as the foundation of their marketing strategies  – creating customer-focused campaigns with personalized messages to target high-potential buyers and valued customers.  
  • Sales Leaders rely on accurate, up-to-date personas to understand buyer motivation and behavior as their prospects move through their decision journeys. Personas enable account teams to anticipate which interactions create the highest impact at each stage in the opportunity pipeline. 
  • Customer Experience Leaders to create high-value customer loyalty programs, manage Net Promoter Score (NPS) iniatives and enhance customer experience. 
  • Innovation Managers for trend scouting, market research and ideation campaigns focused on how new products and services align with the needs and wants of potential customers. 
  • Corporate Trainers and Coaches to create marketing and sales playbooks for team training and employee onboarding, enabling client-facing teams to build unified customer engagement strategies. 


How can I use it?
Winning customer-centric strategies begin with creating meaningful Buyer Personas and bringing your ideal customer profiles to life. However (and far too often!) client-facing teams are relying on last year’s playbooks and outdated personas for their marketing and sales strategies. And having playbooks which rely on relevant, updated Customer Profiles has never been more important than now – during today’s unprecedented crisis which has created extreme disruption in business needs, purchasing processes and how, when and where we communicate with our most important prospects and customers. 


The B2C Persona Toolkit provides a series of proven, best practices guidelines, games and templates to help your team research, create, adapt, and share high-impact Personas across all client-facing teams. Through a series of progressive Q&A steps, Persona flashcards and posters help you to create a complete picture of how your customer initiates, evaluates and completes a purchase. Persona cards and posters are used by teams in internal workshops, team meetings, and as a guideline for client interviews. The Persona Game adds the element of fun and team competition, gamifying the serious business of creating a buyer persona. The Marketing Journey Map enables teams to map how potential clients research, evaluate and select vendors – helping you create marketing campaigns and personalized touchpoints which align with target customers’ decision journeys.  


What outcomes can I expect? 
By working with best practices, creating meaningful buyer personas and visualizing customer-centric processes, your team members will improve outcomes of marketing campaigns, anticipate and overcome roadblocks, and boost sales pipeline performance – leading to better conversion rates, improving your marketing ROI, resulting in higher close-won ratios and increasing customer loyalty. 


How does it benefit me? 
Each item in the packet helps your employees visualize how your target customers’ decision journeys align with your own marketing and sales processes- enabling you to position your product, service or solution as the best option for your target customers. And most important: the Persona Toolkit provides the foundation to help break down departmental silos, bridge gaps and help cross-functional teams create unified customer engagement strategies. 

Persona Toolkit B2C

€ 120,00Price
  • A complete toolkit to build winning Buyer Personas, including B2C Persona Cards, The Persona Game, Persona Poster, Marketing Journey Map and a Playbook to help you put it all together. 

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