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Join our Playbook Toolkit partner community – enhance your portfolio, develop new revenue streams, grow long-term profitable business by partnering with Playbook Toolkit. 

Why Partner?

Does Playbook Toolkit help you trigger ideas, boost productivity, bring fun to your workplace? Are concepts like agile business processes, transformation and innovation embedded in your corporate DNA? Interested in incorporating Playbook Toolkit’s way of working into how you engage with your own customers, channel partners or vendors? If so, we’d love for you to consider joining our Playbook Toolkit Partner Community! 

What does it mean to be a Playbook Toolkit Partner?

Think your own logos and branding. Incorporating Playbook Toolkit’s way of working into your own portfolio of products, services and solutions. Partner for events, thought leadership, joint marketing – not even the sky is the limit, we can power out business to reach Mars (maybe with help from Elon)!

Contact us to explore the Playbook Toolkit universe and to learn more about our Partner Program.

How We Support You

We would love to partner and explore together how to discover new revenue streams, accelerate new business and increase customer retention. The possibilities are only limited by imagination – which means limitless!

Tell us a bit about your business:

  • Is your company a leader in the field of innovation, product development,

  • strategy, marketing, sales or customer engagement?

  • Do you operate through an agency, consultancy or professional services model?

  • Do you sell software and business services? 

  • Do you work in training and education (e.g. corporate training, coaching, university / continuous learning)? 

  • Do you manage, host and promote events, user forums and conferences? 

Boost Your Product Portfolio

Boost your portfolio of products and services by pairing your dynamic, innovative solutions with Playbook Toolkit’s business methodology. Signing a new client? Provide them with a Playbook Toolkit welcome packet to help them quickly onboard your solution and drive user adoption. Running a workshop? Add excitement to the day with energizers like games, team building exercises, strategy accelerators and how-to tools.

Custom Content

Interested in customizing our playbooks, templates, games and toolkits by industry, market and geography? We can help you purpose-fit Playbook Toolkit to the markets, culture and business language which are most critical to your business. Our team has worked in or with organizations in some of the following industries: Finance / FINTECH, IT, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Insurance, Health Care, Energy, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Education, Retail and more.  

Technology and Processes

Do you provide software solutions? Help your clients increase user awareness, boost adoption, and accelerate business productivity by incorporating your business technology, processes and workflows into Playbook Toolkit. Do you want to create your own playbook or game? We would love to explore how we can co-create beautiful tools together!

Custom Branding and Logos

Interested in incorporating your brand, adding logos, or white-labeling our products to sell through your channel? Our design team will work with you to create a beautiful Playbook Toolkit which adapts to your business and brand identity. In addition, our HubSpot-certified marketing team can help you build personalized, high-touch lead workflows to help you increase awareness of your branded Playbook Toolkit and attract new customers. 

Events & Conferences

Interested in adding excitement to your events, conferences and user forums? We have years of experience working with event and conference organizers – both for in-person and virtual events – to facilitate insightful, meaningful sessions, increasing engagement of attendees and bringing fun and excitement to events around the globe. We have been a regular partner at many annual thought leadership and industry conferences, helping to increase attendance and boost ROI. 

Training, Coaching and Education

Do you offer professional training, coaching and education? Are you a professor, instructor or coordinator at a university, college or continuous education institute? Our team works regularly with professional trainers, coaches and university professors to incorporate principles of innovation, marketing, strategy, corporate culture and transformation. Our team members are frequent guest instructors at universities, business institutes and industry associations.

Let’s Do Great Things Together!

We strongly believe that our community is stronger together – when one partner succeeds, we all succeed. And as our recent global crisis has proved, our business community today has never been more interconnected. Our mission in our business and personal life is to make the world better through facilitating collaboration, productivity, efficiency, creativity, innovation and fun. 


As a Playbook Toolkit partner, our commitment to you is to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side, co-creating innovative products, expanding your network, boosting your portfolio and accelerating revenue generation for your business. Let’s get to work. Let’s have fun and change the world.

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