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Get inspiration flowing with this “how to start" innovation playbook.


Who uses the Playbook? 

  • Innovation Leaders to accelerate creative thinking, to drive adoption of innovation initiatives, and to provide a structured, easy-to-follow approach to the how of innovation

  • Product Managers to follow a proven process for product innovation and creative note taking


How can I use it?

The book can be used everywhere. The cover and the colorful inside makes this book a center piece in your office wardrobe. With it’s high quality materials, the book will stay in great shape for a long period of time. 


What outcomes can I expect? 

A notebook to keep track of new insights, different chapters to guide you on the journey of innovation. Expect the unexpected with this book.


How does it benefit me? 

It benefits you because your brain will be tickled every time you open it.

Innovation Playbook

€ 35,00Price
  • The Innovation Playbook is a colorful book which can be used as a notebook and as a guidebook how to do innovation. With a joke here and there to spur your creative thoughts. 

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