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A fun-filled, skills-focused packet to kickstart creativity, accelerate collaboration and boost performance of innovation teams 


Who uses the WFH Kickstarter Packet for Innovation Teams? 
Basically any team manager or business leader whose role includes innovation management, trend scouting, market research, process improvement and product development. 

  • Innovation Leaders to accelerate creative thinking, drive adoption of innovation initiatives, create innovation playbooks and provide a structured, easy-to-follow approach to ideation
  • Product Managers to follow a proven process for product innovation, create winning business cases, and gain stakeholder support and funding for new product initiatives
  • Business Managers to tap into the insights and experience of their team to help solve a business problem, improve ways to work or identify new, high-value opportunities


How can I use it?
Innovation is the lifeblood of your company and is integrated into every daily business process - how you communicate your brand value to target customers, how you differentiate from competitors, where you can find unique competitive advantage. Innovation is at the core foundation of the Playbook Toolkit – this is our background, its baked into our DNA. 


And as all innovation managers know…driving an innovation mindset and building a culture of collaboration and co-creation is a challenge at any time. But it’s even more difficult when employees are working from home offices and need to quickly integrate with team members across your company…as well as partners, suppliers and customers within your community. 


To help solve these challenges, our team imagined a small, practical toolkit that people can use from their home office. Something to help employees quickly visualize processes, capture customer sentiment and comprehend key business drivers so they can anticipate issues, seize opportunities and brainstorm ideas. 


The WFH Kickstarter Packet For Innovation Teams includes Persona Cards (B2B or B2C), 30 Day Ideation Challenge Cards, Process Map with Innovation Flashcards and an Innovation Playbook.


What outcomes can I expect? 
By working with best practices and visualizing business processes, your team members can boost efficiency and improve outcomes of innovation programs - such as gaining strategic alignment across the organization, launching an ideation challenge or managing co-creation initiatives with partners, suppliers or customers. 


How does it benefit me? 
Each item in the packet helps your employees align with best innovation practices, visualize problems or opportunities and think out of the box – encouraging collaboration and sparking creativity so they can focus on business-critical projects and high-impact actions. And most importantly - working with team members, colleagues, partners and clients to boost ideation, accelerate co-creation and build unique, sustainable value for your organization. 

WFH Kickstarter Packet for Innovation Teams

€ 120,00Price
  • Persona Cards (B2B or B2C), 30 Day Ideation Challenge Cards, Process Map with Innovation Flashcards, Innovation Playbook 

  • You can choose either B2B or B2C Persona Cards. Contact us if you are interested in customizing your Kickstarter Packet for Innovation Teams.  

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