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A fun-filled, skills-focused onboarding packet to welcome and energize new employees who are working from home – designed to accelerate knowledge transfer, understand high-value processes and visualize customer profiles. 


Who uses WFH Employee Onboarding Packet? 
Basically any manager who has a new team member joining a department or group and would like to accelerate learning, enhance skills transfer and boost team engagement.  

  • Business Managers (from across all departments) to kick-start new employees, align team tasks and activities, and boost cross-departmental team engagement
  • Corporate Trainers and Coaches to quickly onboard new team members, understand business workflows and ramp up skill sets and knowledge transfer
  • HR and Culture Transformation Leaders to welcome new hires, improve understanding and integration into the company, its culture and its customers


How can I use it?
Welcoming new employees, helping them to understand corporate culture and norms, and encouraging active collaboration with their peers is key to ensuring your valued new team members feel empowered and productive in their new job. Although a challenge at any time, it’s even more difficult when employees are working from home offices and need to quickly integrate with team members across the organization.  


To help solve these challenges, our team imagined a small, practical toolkit that people can use from their home office. Something to help new employees quickly visualize processes, capture customer sentiment and comprehend key business drivers so they can anticipate issues, seize opportunities and brainstorm ideas. 


The WFH Employee Onboarding Packet includes Persona Cards (B2B or B2C), Team Party WFH Version flashcards, WFH Process Map (Sales or Marketing Journey Cards) and a playbook to help bring it all together.


What outcomes can I expect? 
By understanding your company’s Ideal Customer Profiles (Buyer Personas) and visualizing business processes – such as Customer Decision Journeys or Innovation Processes – your new employees quickly get to the heart of how your processes work, how revenue is generated and what makes your business ticks. 


How does it benefit me? 
Each item in the packet helps your new hires think out of the box - boosting collaboration and sparking creativity so they can focus on high-value projects and take quick action on the tasks which matter most. And most importantly, quickly developing in a playful but efficient way their own unique identity within the new organization. 

WFH Employee Onboarding Packet

€ 120,00Price
  • Persona Cards (B2B or B2C), Team Party WFH Version, WFH Process Map (Sales or Marketing Journey Cards), Playbook Guide

  • You can choose either B2B or B2C Persona Cards and Sales or Marketing flashcards for the Process Map. Contact us if you are interested in customizing your Employee Onboarding Packet.  



Customize The Playbook

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