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Two out of three ain’t bad


Who uses Trilemma? 

Doing business is all about making choices. And choices present themselves at every junction. Many of the decisions involved are taken based on numbers or procedures. But the toughest ones are seldom one-dimensional.


Trilemma will help any kind of team that needs to make complex decisions from many options. Some examples:

  • Management Teams and Project Teams that have to choose how to allocate scarce resources and need to choose between various goals and objectives

  • Teams that want to discuss and decide on core values

  • Innovation Teams that need to decide which markets and revenue models they will target

  • Strategy Teams that have to assess business models and business designs

  • Operational teams that have to decide on the destination of the next team outing


How can I use Trilemma? 

Trilemma is especially suited to be used by any kind of team at the start of (a new phase in) a project or program. It provides an interactive way to discuss possibilities, assess them from different perspectives and choose which ones to pursue and which ones to discard.

Revisiting Trilemma later in your process will help you check if your initial choices stand up to new circumstances.


What outcomes can I expect?

Trilemma supports you in making tough choices using a number of steps:

  • Using the guidelines for creating your own Trilemma, it will give you a clear picture of which decision you actually have to make.

  • By allowing participants to position themselves on the decision a quick assessment of opinions is made, guiding further discussion.

  • By supplying arguments in favor of their positions, participants are invited to start documenting the background of decisions from the start, including reasons why a certain choice has not been made.

  • Discussion helps teams find consensus on the best decision.

  • Using different scenarios are viewpoints allows team to check decisions for biases.


How does it benefit me? 

Having made clear and well-founded choices at the outset of any project will give it a stable base to build on. Because your choices are well-documented, you can avoid long discussions with those who want to revisit them.

Trilemma Game

€ 85,00Price
  • The Trilemma Toolkit consists of a Trilemma canvas, playing figures, scenario cards and blank cards to write themes, Trilemmas and scenarios on.

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