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Who uses the Transformation Intervention Canvas? 

In a changing world, organisations try to manage big transformations. This takes many interventions working towards the same end. The Transformation Intervention Canvas provides a systematic way to create these interventions and make sure they are consistent with the overall transformation.


The Transformation Intervention Canvas may be used by any manager or team that faces a challenge that requires change. It can be used throughout your program to design initial or subsequent interventions:

  • Business managers  for an easy, structured approach to change interventions

  • Change manager or transformation program teams who benefit from a clear, structured and consistent way to design and describe interventions throughout a change program


How can I use the Transformation Intervention Canvas? 

The complete Transformation Intervention Canvas and flashcards can be used by individuals or teams in a workshop setting to discuss all relevant aspects of intervention, taking you through areas like strategic goals, audiences, results and resources to the actual design of the intervention.

A quick ‘shopping list’ format is included for individual use on the go or individual preparation for workshops.


What outcomes can I expect?

The Transformation Intervention Canvas supports you in designing structured and consistent interventions. By using it for every intervention, you build up a complete plan for your change program. It offers a concise way to document your choices. The Transformation Intervention Canvas helps you::

  • Make an explicit connection between interventions and strategic goals.

  • Be clear at which target audience each intervention is aimed and what their main challenges are.

  • Define the specific results of any intervention and how to measure it.

  • Get a comprehensive insight in the resources the intervention uses.

  • Ensure consistency between the different intervention in your program.


How does it benefit me? 

Interventions still seem to be more of an art than a craft. The goals, designs and documentation of interventions vary wildly, even within companies and programs. The Transformation Intervention Canvas offers a common language, a shared process and a clear template for all your interventions.

Transformation Intervention Canvas Toolkit

€ 120,00Price
  • The Transformation Intervention Canvas includes a template, flashcards and a compact checklist to systematically design the interventions in your transformation program.

  • Transformation Intervention Canvas, flash cards, intervention cards, Transformation Intervention Canvas 'Shopping List'

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