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Party your way to performance


Who uses Team party? 

Change and agility are central themes in most organisations. This means people find themselves member of many team, at the same time or in quick succession. Teams have to find way to get to performance more quickly than they used to.


Team party is suitable for any team that wants to speed up the different stages of team building. The activities in the set are fun, but with a serious objective: getting your team to performance.


How can I use Team party? 

Using the description in the manual, assess in what stage of team building your team currently is. Then pick activities from the card deck accordingly, either by chance or choice. The activities are designed to introduce fun and energy, so choose a moment at which energy seems to ebb out of the team.

Repeat, daily or weekly. There are 10 activities for each stage. Just move on to the next stage is you feel you are ready. 


What outcomes can I expect?

Team Party will introduce different aspects of team building in a fun and energising way. You can expect your team to move along the stages of team building more quickly. The team will get used to high-energy interventions. And your colleagues will be jealous, because you have so much fun doing it. (Be sure to warn them. Some activities might get a bit noisy)


How does it benefit me? 

Team Party makes team building easier. We have curated different exercises and activities for you, so you can just pick one. In the end, your benefits are in a team that performs better and has fun doing so.

Team Party

€ 40,00Price
  •  Team party is a card set offering fun activities for team building, using Tuckman’s stages model.

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