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Get your Stakeholders on board!



Who uses the Stakeholder Management Toolkit? 

In a complex world, you can never operate without influencing others and being influenced by them. We all know this, but many of us struggle to deal with this effectively. The Stakeholder Management Toolkit offers a 10 step process that will guide you in dealing with the most relevant people in your environment.

The Stakeholder Management Toolkit is a great help to everybody who wants to develop or improve skills by using structured steps to a stakeholder strategy. Some examples are:


  • Business Managers who have to reach their objectives in a competitive environment, while collaborating with colleagues.

  • Project Managers who have to get and keep support from the organization.

  • Change Managers who deal with a big variety of interests and influences.

  • Government organisations that deal with both internal and external pressures


How can I use the Stakeholder Management Toolkit? 

The Stakeholder Management Toolkit offers a clear step-by-step process to guide you. Every step consists of a warm-up, an how-to instruction and an additional exercise. Most offer a model to use. The toolkit includes workbooks with these models and reusable posters for the most important ones.

Every step can be done individually or as a group in a (series of) workshop(s).


What outcomes can I expect?

The Stakeholder Management Toolkit supports you every step of stakeholder management:

  • Create insight in who your stakeholders are.

  • Assess matching and conflicting interests.

  • See how you and your stakeholders influence each other.

  • Create a stakeholder strategy for every key stakeholder.

  • Work with the stakeholders in the execution of the stakeholder strategy.


How does it benefit me? 

Having a structured approach to stakeholders will help avoid unpleasant surprises in your projects by preparing for the most likely reactions of influential outsiders. It will help you align with potential opposing forces while actively getting support from allies, and in fact creating allies.

Good stakeholder management is the key to any successful project.

Stakeholder Management Toolkit

€ 120,00Price
  • The Stakeholder Management Toolkit consists of a playbook, a workbook with models, reusable posters with models and stakeholder strategy flashcards. 

  • Playbook, workbooks, 5 reusable posters, stakeholder strategy flashcards, 1 package post-its

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