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Visualize and personalize your portfolio and innovation journey. Get insights into the balance of your innovation portfolio. 


About the Process Map 
The Process Map helps you and your team visualize your innovation processes and future portfolio. You can map all of your different projects across a funnel (there are three types of funnel tools available). The map also includes tools to create stage gates, to ‘play different scenes’ as part of a storyboarding process.


By creating a simulation of how your innovation workflows align with your portfolio, you can identify which actions need to take place (and when) and accelerate your innovation process. 


Who uses Process Maps? 
Process Maps are great tools for anyone who works in innovation and business development roles, or who creates and markets products, services and solutions, including:   

  • Innovation and Innovation Management
  • Portfolio Directors
  • Business Development and Product Managers


Process Maps can be used individually or together with other toolkits and games. Journey Maps and extension kits are available. 


How do I play?
Using the map, you and your teams dynamically recreate and simulate the steps of your Innovation workflows, cadences and opportunity pipelines using the flash cards, puppets and gates. Process Maps can be used individually or in teams– at office and home office, for team meetings, workshops, new employee onboarding or training classes. 


What outcomes can I expect? 
The Process Map helps you identify, adapt and optimize your portfolio and innovation processes, activities and workflows. It is very refreshing to see a portfolio coming to life by having this in 3D. 


How does it benefit me? 
Mapping innovation processes helps you create unified, best-practices playbooks, align your resources, give your team focus and improve innovation results. Through visualizing your innovation workflows you can take detailed action on what to do next.

Process Map Game

€ 85,00Price
  • XL  -  80x160 canvas, 8 puppets, x cards, 40 stands for cards & puppets, 1 marker, how-to-booklet

    WFH Edition - 40x80 canvas, 8 puppets, x cards, 40 stands for cards & puppets, 1 marker, how-to-booklet

    Extension Set - 8 puppets, x cards, 40 stands for cards & puppets, 1 marker, how-to-booklet


  • The Process Map and support materials includes a 160x80cm roll-out flexible map, flashcards, stage gates, puppets and digital guidebooks to help you simulate your innovation processes, fine-tune innovation cadences and optimize maturity pipelines. 

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