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Build Buyer Profiles for B2B Marketing, Sales and Customer Engagement


Who uses B2B Persona Cards?

Persona Cards help you build Ideal Customer Profiles so you can capture the needs, wants, pains and gains of your target buyers, identify how they buy and why, and build winning customer journeys to boost B2B marketing, sales and customer strategies.  


  • Innovation Teams to brainstorm about your target customer when you are looking to enter new markets or developing new products and services

  • Marketing Teams to build personalized, high-impact campaigns which attract new prospects, nurture prospects, win new customers and delight your clients

  • Sales and Customer Support Teams to train and onboard new employees, to identify top prospects, align customer decision journeys with your sales process and convert new customers into business champions 

  • Strategy Teams to benchmark organizational performance, to assess market opportunities and ensure product fit   


How can I use Persona Cards?

Persona Cards are purpose-fit for Individuals or Teams, providing a structured approach to learn what and who influences your target customer during their purchase decision and where, why and how they buy. Use them during brainstorming sessions, in target account reviews, and for aligning marketing, sales and customer service teams about your buyer journeys.  


What outcomes can I expect?

You will be able to map your entire buyer journey, develop an engagement strategy, and discover how to personalize your marketing and sales interactions. You will learn how to identify product fit for your target customers and how to identify the different buyer roles in a B2B purchase decision.  


How does it benefit me?

With a customer-first marketing and sales approach, you will be able to find and nurture prospects quicker, to accelerate your opportunity pipeline, and close more business. 


Tips for facilitation: 

5 ways to use B2B Persona Cards

  • Interviews: As a guideline when interviewing prospects and customers about their purchasing behavior 

  • Workshops: To gain customer insights from cross-functional, customer-facing teams

  • Update Personas: To validate and refresh existing Customer Profiles and update Buyer Personas in your Marketing or CRM platforms 

  • Strategy Sessions: To identify high-potential buyers in important vertical markets 

  • Competitive Research: To benchmark your target Buyer Personas against those of your competition, identify and close gaps in your marketing and sales strategies

Persona Cards B2B

€ 30,00Price
  • 54 B2B Persona Flashcards, plus guidebook and poster, to help customer-centric teams research, create and refresh Ideal Customer Profiles which align with your target markets

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