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Who uses Multiboard? 

Everything we do seems to be complex. There are so many aspects to things that we forever seem to be analyzing and ordering things and their connections. Often, we use brown paper and Post-Its, but they get messy after doing work on them and are hard to preserve as notes tend to fall off.

The Multiboard offers a more robust way of working, using a whiteboard with pegs that you can use to firmly hang cards off, connect using strings or rubber bands, write on and take with you. Some examples:


  • Management Teams doing  strategic analyses, like SWOT

  • Agile teams that keep track of work using a SCRUM board

  • Innovation Teams that need ways to easily keep track of their innovation portfolio

  • Project teams that need to track networks of stakeholders

  • Operational teams that keep track of standings in the office ping pong tournament


How can I use the Multiboard? 

The Multiboard can be used for any analysis or overview of a subject with many separate aspects. You just write these on the blank plastic cards and hang them from the pegs. You can then go on to order and re-order them as often as you like. Enclosed in the set are strings and rubber bands in different colours to signify connections and networks. The set also offers different ways to mark (or just adorn) the cards, so you can give them specific properties.

Last but not least, we can provide transparent models to put over the board, turning it into a SWOT analysis, Innovation Portfolio or SCRUM Board instantly. (Models can be designed to order).


What outcomes can I expect?

The Multiboard offers a fun, tactile and clear way to create order:

  • Get a clear view of networks and relationships between things

  • An overview of tasks and products in which you can easily move entries forward or backward as you progress

  • A new way of using time-tested methods

  • The possibility of designing and using bespoke models with the board

  • A robust way to take the results of your workshop with you


How does it benefit me? 

The Multiboard invites you to not only do a thorough analysis of your environment or project, it enables you to change it as you go, keeping you up to date.

The design is multifunctional, so it may be used in different ways, making it perhaps our most versatile workshop tools.




Multiboard with tools

€ 399,00Price
  • The Multiboard is an augmented, portable whiteboard with different tools and models to analyze, order, connect an visualize anything from people and networks, through tasks and projects to strategies and innovations

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