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Visualize marketing touchpoints with potential buyers as they move through their decision journeys. Attract higher-quality prospects, accelerate lead pipeline progression and increase conversion rates.


About Marketing Journey Map 

The Marketing Journey Map helps you and your team visualize your marketing processes and workflows. You can map digital and 1-2-1 touchpoints, personalize messages and content, identify peak responses times and simulate workflows to identify which actions have the highest impact and when. By creating a simulation of how your marketing workflows align with your target customers’ decision journey, you can identify how you can position your own product and service as the best purchase option for them. 


Who uses Marketing Journey Maps? 

Marketing Journey Maps are great tools for anyone who works in marketing, sales or innovation roles, or who creates and markets products, services and solutions, including:   

  • Marketing and Product Management 

  • Sales and Customer Service Professionals 

  • Innovation Managers

  • Strategy and Business Leaders 


Marketing Journey Maps can be used individually or together with other toolkits and games. Journey Maps and extension kits are available for Sales, Innovation and other business processes. 


How do I play?

Using the map, you and your teams dynamically recreate and simulate the steps of your marketing workflows and lead progression pipelines using the flash cards, puppets and gates. Marketing Journey Maps can be used individually or in teams– at office and home office, for team meetings, workshops, new employee onboarding or training classes. 


What outcomes can I expect? 

The Marketing Journey Map helps you identify, adapt and optimize your marketing campaigns, activities and workflows. How can you increase conversions for social media and digital campaigns? How can I invite the right prospects and generate the best outcomes for a conference or user forum? Is this e-book, webinar or case study the best conversion asset for your target persona - and at which stage in the buying cycle should you offer it? Are your assets converting the right customers at the right time? Is there a misalignment with your workflow or a challenge with your messaging? Using the Marketing Journey Map helps you identify best practices, optimize pipeline progression and generate better, more predictable outcomes – accelerating lead velocity and leading to higher quality conversion rates. 


How does it benefit me? 

Mapping marketing processes helps you create unified, best-practices playbooks, align your resources, give your team focus and improve marketing results. Through visualizing your marketing workflows and aligning with your target customers’ buyer journeys, you and your team can create high impact marketing campaigns to find interested clients, nurture high-potential prospects, win new business and delight your customers.  

Marketing Journey Map

€ 85,00Price
  • The Marketing Journey Map and support materials includes a 40x80cm roll-out flexible map, flashcards, stage gates, puppets and digital guidebooks to help you simulate your target marketing processes, lead flow pipelines and campaign workflows. 

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