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Fast track great ideas: from field insights to development to go-to-market


Who uses the Innovation Dice Game? 

  • Business Managers to tap into the insights and experience of their team to help solve a business problem and the connected solution

  • Innovation Teams to accelerate creative thinking, to drive adoption of innovation initiatives, and to provide a structured, easy-to-follow approach to the difficult part of finding the unknown unknowns 

  • Product Managers to follow a proven process for product innovation, to create winning business cases, and to gain stakeholder support and funding for new product initiatives   


How can I use it?

How to find the unknown unknowns? Find out with this great game with six unique dice. Hours of business fun at your fingertips. Playing with dice is always fun and this time, dice have a function. Six separate dice, all with a business theme and color. The booklet provides you different view points to use whilst investigating the solution you have to an earlier problem or to the elaborated business concept. 


What outcomes can I expect? 

Throwing the dice will create a challenging sentence. In front of the other players, you have to find an answer to what combination you have thrown. These can be quite fresh and new, thanks to the chance opportunity creating thousands of options. You can be guaranteed no challenging question will be the same. The judge will be there to check if you actually found an answer to the difficult question. All in three minutes per round. No pressure!


How does it benefit me? 

It benefits you because the game gives you questions you hadn’t prepared. It creates thousands of scenarios at your fingertips. Conclusion: it will strengthen your idea big time!

Innovation Dice Game

€ 55,00Price
  • Innovation Dice Game is a quick start game to brainstorm about your existing idea. In the A5 box you will find a booklet, six unique dice, a timer, counters and poles. 

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