A multi-use role play game using real-life scenarios to help your teams work through challenging situations and solve business problems


About The Hot Potato Game 

Business problems are often passed around from person to person like a hot potato: no one wants to touch the problem and holding onto it too long will burn your fingers. The Hot Potato Game includes a series of multi-situation flashcards, templates and support tools which can be used for team scenario and business planning exercises, individual coaching sessions and 1-on-1 role playing.     


Who plays The Hot Potato Game? 

  • Company Trainers for onboarding new employees and to enhance problem solving skills for individuals and teams

  • Team Leaders to help team members react, adapt and respond to unexpected business roadblocks, issues and dilemmas

  • Business Managers & Coaches for individual role play and coaching sessions, for scenario planning workshops, and to craft a consistent playbook to respond effectively and properly to business problems, ethical challenges, or unexpected opportunities 


How do I play?

The Hot Potato Game places you in challenging business situations where you need to think quickly and stay on your feet: for each situation, the player needs to respond with both a strategic solution and tactical actions to solve the problem. Players change roles during the course of the game, with each team member taking turns to react, evaluate and respond to a different business scenario. The Hot Potato Game is multi-use, with several playing scenarios (group, individual). Depending upon the goal of the exercise, answers are evaluated either by other players or by a facilitator - coach: answers are “judged” based on the quality of the analysis and response, adherence to company practices (e.g. for ethical questions) and probable outcomes. 


What outcomes can I expect? 

Through role play, analysis and discussion, players – either within a group game or an individual session - will gain deeper insights into the factors which need to be considered for probable business scenarios, learn problem-solving techniques and gain business advantage by anticipating situations and preparing a playbook to proactively respond and move forward with well-considered, decisive action. Through use of the game and its support tools, coaches, trainers and managers learn how employees act and react when placed in challenging situations and can provide real-time feedback for each scenario about the impact of different responses and how they lead to various outcomes. 


How does it benefit me? 

Scenario planning exercises and problem-solving games have long been recognized as proven tools to help organizations develop strategies and execute tactical plans during times of disruption, uncertainty and change. However, while organizations often engage in scenario planning at executive level, many companies don’t extend this methodology to their field teams and department-level employees. By enhancing your employees’ problem-solving skills and involving multiple scenarios into your daily playbooks, you can better predict outcomes, improve business cadences, and move from operating in crisis mode to maximizing unexpected opportunities. 

Hot Potato Game for Scenario Planning

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  • A multi-use game and coaching tool which uses real-life business scenarios to help your team improve problem solving skills and to proactively prepare and adapt to challenging dilemmas, difficult business situations and unexpected opportunities.