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Fast track great ideas: from field insights to development to go-to-market.


Whats in the box?

30 Step-by-Step Flashcards and Resource Guide to kick-start innovation initiatives, brainstorm across teams and spark creative ideas.  A6


Who uses the 30 Day Ideation Challenge Cards? 

  • Business Managers to tap into the insights and experience of their team to help solve a business problem, improve ways to work or identify new, high-value opportunities

  • Innovation Teams to accelerate creative thinking, to drive adoption of innovation initiatives, and to provide a structured, easy-to-follow approach to ideation 

  • Marketing Professionals to research industry trends, to identify, evaluate and develop new market opportunities, and to add value to high-impact, growth-focused programs 

  • Product Managers to follow a proven process for product innovation, to create winning business cases, and to gain stakeholder support and funding for new product initiatives   

  • Sales Professionals to identify new client and partner profiles, to gain Voice of the Customer insights, and to build out high-potential sales channels which result in new business revenue


How can I use it?

Kick-starting innovation initiatives and sparking creative thinking across your teams is energizing, fruitful and fun. However this can also be a cumbersome process – especially when lacking guidance or a roadmap. Participants may have a great idea, but many lack a game plan: what to do and when, what are the steps to take, what models should they use? 

To help solve these challenges, our team imagined a small, practical toolkit that people can use in the workplace – from office, to manufacturing plant and distribution center to workshop. Something that participants can easily understand, use and share. 

The 30-day Ideation Challenge is a set of flashcards, together with a resource guide, which provides a sequence of steps to follow as part of a 30 day challenge. Each flashcard outlines a carefully considered activity, based upon our own experience as innovation managers, working within innovation companies or combining resources and best practices from our global network of idea, innovation and campaign managers. You can also use the cards individually to help support a specific activity or process. And naturally we can help you with customized cards which reflect your own processes and tools.


What outcomes can I expect? 

The cards are designed to follow the steps of an ideation process, providing tips, advice, templates and resources for the tasks and activities taken by you and your team. The 30 Day Ideation Challenge cards help you move from launching a project to identifying Jobs to be Done to aligning key stakeholder to delivering a winning presentation. Alternatively, each card can be used separately as a resource to support specific tasks – for example, the Create Your Buyer Persona or Pitch Day! cards. The cards are purpose-built to encourage collaboration, agility and speed - ensuring that you don’t have to spend valuable time figuring out a process or finding a template, but instead on creative thinking, sharing bright ideas and taking action on the activities which matter most.


How does it benefit me? 

The 30 Day Challenge Cards help you keep innovation and creativity top of mind every day so you can surface and fast track high-potential ideas. Ideation Challenge Cards help to accelerate your own ideation initiatives and company-wide innovation projects – ensuring you are tapping into the brightest ideas (from your team, from customers, from suppliers) and bringing high-value proposals to life. 

30 Day Ideation Challenge Cards

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