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Boost productivity, accelerate your sales pipeline, drive new revenue


Who uses the 30 Day Sales Challenge Cards? 

  • Business Leaders to tap into the insights and energy of their team, to motivate employees, to help remove business friction, and to find and close new, high-value opportunities

  • Marketing Professionals to collaborate on high-potential projects, to align marketing and sales insights, skills and resources, and to add value to growth-generating activities

  • Sales Professionals to identify new client and partner profiles, to remove friction from daily sales activities, and to accelerate high-potential opportunities through the sales pipeline - from presentation to proposal to close-won 


How can I use it?

The 30-day Sales Challenge is a set of flashcards, together with a resource guide, which provides a sequence of steps to follow as part of a 30 day team challenge to kickstart revenue-focused activities and help you meet & exceed your sales goals. Each flashcard outlines a carefully considered activity, based upon our own experience as business leaders and sales professionals. You can also use the cards individually to help support a specific activity or process. And naturally we can help you with customized cards which reflect your own markets, processes and tools.


What outcomes can I expect? 

The cards are designed to follow practical steps to help you align daily activities with (e.g. weekly, monthly) revenue goals, to remove obstacles which cause friction in day-to-day tasks, and to boost team productivity. The 30 Day Sales Challenge helps you move from team brainstorming (e.g. exploring new business channels, identifying new value propositions) to building or adapting marketing and sales processes (e.g. redefining sales cadences) to taking concrete actions which drive new business. At the end of the Challenge, you will have created a new, dynamic environment with re-defined activities which foster teamwork and support business goals. 


How does it benefit me? 

Launch a 30 Day Challenge with your team to identify productivity-focused activities to accelerate pipeline growth, drive new business,  and / or enhance customer engagement. By tapping into the creativity of your team and focusing on concrete, practical revenue-focused actions, you will generate quick wins in high-impact areas (e.g. increasing website visitors, growing your lead pipeline) while driving behavioral change and boosting overall team performance - leading to sustainable, long-term revenue growth.  

30 Day Sales Challenge Cards

€ 40,00Price
  • 30 Step-by-Step Flashcards – A6 size – and Resource Guide to boost productivity, remove friction across your business processes, nurture high-value prospects and grow new business.

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