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5 reasons why Toolkits can work for YOU

At Playbook Toolkit we develop tools to support learning and changing in your organisation. We have a firm belief that our tools, like playbooks, toolkits and games, will offer great value in the everyday practice of your company. From our experience we have found that there are many reasons why the tools seem to work (I listed the top 5).

1. Structure

Toolkits provide much-needed structure for both strategic and tactical initiatives. When starting to tackle a business problem or exploring an opportunity, it is usually obvious that something has to happen. Often the teams working on the initiative can envision a direction (general or specific) for the desired solution. But then they struggle with the question of how to get there. They get stuck in free-format brainstorming or general models, without a clear step-by-step way to use them. This is where using our tools is different. They provide you with a practical way of reaching results. With clear steps, examples and easy to use methods, they guide you to the outcome you are looking for.

By combining different tools, you can develop and implement an end-to-end change program -from strategic analysis and decision making right up to practical execution. We work with you to help you select the right tools based on your desired results, target ROI or preferred outcomes.

2. Consistency

An added advantage of the simple and practical structure of Toolkits is that they help companies develop consistent methods and vocabularies - basically, enabling everyone to "sing from the same songsheet". Especially in larger companies, we see that interpretation of models and terminology may vary widely across departments, teams and even individuals. Our tools put everybody on the same track, supporting meaningful discussion and mutual understanding. Because people follow the same steps, the process itself becomes recognisable across the company - driving unified behaviors and resulting in more predictable outcomes.

Beside this consistency in the content of your change, Toolkits offer consistency over time. As both you and your circumstances change, it is very easy to revisit the tools and use them again and again. With growing experience using the tools, templates and playbooks, the regular feedback from our clients is that it gets progressively easier to use them to periodically recheck their plans and progress.

3. Hands on - literally

Many tools in Playbook Toolkit are created in a physical form. This is designed with purpose: over and over again, clients tell us this is one of their most valuable properties. Once people have them in their hands, they automatically start exploring, trying and playing with them. Alone and together. They want to use them.

The physical nature of the tools also means that people use them in a setting away from their desk. We have often seen that users remember the outcomes better because they remember the specific setting in which it was reached. Where they were, who they were with, but also the way the tool itself looked and felt when they were working with it. All these are powerful reinforcement of the results.

We know that many teams work remotely. Now more than ever. So we have adapted the practical applications and use of the Toolkits for WFH / remote employees and hybrid office / WFH environments. This is certainly our near future reality, and we are continuously adapting our tools to be purpose-fit for this new way of working.

4. Practical use

Toolkits are developed to be used in your everyday work. All toolkits include examples and use cases to explain how they work. But organizations quickly can incorporate their own strategy, culture and processes into their way of working with Toolkits to answer questions, surface opportunities and address the challenges they need to solve. In this way, learning to use the tools leads to actionable insights and outcomes from the very start. Our clients are always discovering new use cases, business applications and ways of working with Toolkits - some of which we haven't even thought of. yet

5. Fun

Not all work has to be fun. But that doesn’t mean work can’t be fun at all. We have built elements of creativity, inspiration and fun into each carefully designed Toolkit - using humour and finding new and unexpected ways to do things. The biggest upside of injecting the element of fun: teams love to work with our Toolkits and therefore we can help accelerate knowledge transfer, skills development and user adoption.

Interested in learning more? Contact us - we'd love to have a chat about your business and explore how Playbook Toolkit can help kickstart new ideas, accelerate your strategies and drive new, better ways of working for your team.

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