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Mix it up with colleagues in this creative game to help build Buyer Personas


Who plays the Persona Game?

Basically, any teams who need to create and refresh their Ideal Customer Profiles (Buyer Personas).   

  • Company Trainers & Coaches for team training and new employee onboarding and to enhance skills and knowledge for customer-centric employees

  • Marketing Professionals to develop a deep understanding with real-time insights about how potential buyers research, find, evaluate and purchase yours and your competitors’ products, services and solutions

  • Sales Professionals to understand the needs, behaviors, influencers and motivators of your most important clients 

  • Product and Business Leaders to empower cross-functional, customer-centric teams with a unified profile of your top customers and to share a consistent strategy for how your company’s process aligns with your target customer’s decision journeys 


How do I play?

The Persona Game incorporates a best-practice approach for building or updating Buyer Personas. The game consists of Job Role Cards (e.g. VP Sales, IT Director, Facilities Manager) and Question Cards with real-world scenarios and questions used for interviewing customers and prospects about their purchase decisions. You can play either in WFH / virtual online groups or offline at the office. With colleagues from your own department or with players from cross-functional teams. 


What outcomes can I expect?

The goal of the game is to build a complete buyer persona – all while having fun in a friendly competition with colleagues. After each game, the insights from the players are aligned into a single, unified snapshot on your Persona Poster. You can incorporate your newly learned insights into your CRM or Marketing tools. You also will exercise some new skills and learn a bit more about your colleagues. And we guarantee you will laugh A LOT! 


How does it benefit me?

The Persona Game is a fun, collaborative way to gain insights into how high-potential prospects and customers move through their decision journey to purchase YOUR product, service or solution!     

The Persona Game

€ 55,00Price
  • A creative, collaborative game which can be played both with in-person and online groups – blending the serious business of Persona Building with a mixture of 21 Questions, Charades and Taboo.

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